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The last soldier standing

                                                        Game summary:

It is based mainly on the life of an American soldier who, after entering, 3 days later, an incident that triggers an epidemic of zombies and that little by little destroys humanity, now his goal is to discover how to end the threat before It's too late.


Depending on the game mode you want to play, this will change.

For example:

-History mode:

-Right click to continue the history

-Keys (up, down, right and left) To move your character (In mission)

-Discussion correct to shoot (In mission) -Click left to throw (In mission)
-Press "C" to hit (In mission)

- Survival mode:
-Coming soon!

Multiplayer mode:
-Coming soon!


In the year 3548, the army has achieved a lot of advances in its field, but this has been achieved by a man ... Better thinking ... A scientist.

This scientist, hired by the United States Army, works for them and creates new weapons every year, deadly weapons capable of destroying an entire nation

But ... what would happen if some experiment of this scientist went wrong?

The scientist wanted to create a weapon that revolutionized our race, the scientist had in mind to make a potion that revives the dead

He was criticized by the world, but he thought he could perform this experiment, after making the deadliest and most devastating weapon ever created.

It took 5 years to perform this experiment, along with his assistant, they thought they had succeeded.

At that time, the scientist worked at a military base, carried out the experiments in his laboratory with his assistant.

The scientist, carried out the first test with one of the military of that military base.

But ... The experiment failed. The scientist, using the potion in that soldier, released a virus called "XMT-38"

This virus turns humans or living beings into bloodthirsty beasts, capable of evolving more and more, and more, and becoming unstoppable.

This beast, known as "Zombie", infected the scientific assistant. The scientist, trapped by the zombies, called the army. the beasts, they infected the military and multiplied little by little ...

The scientist,.. he escaped intact. but the military base was destroyed and infected by these beasts.

Now, your duty is to destroy the epidemic and find a way to save humanity from these beasts, before it is too late!

The scientist says that he saw something strange in the first test ... or rather, the first military soldier to whom the potion was given. He says he looked weird, weird, creepy ... and he did not look like the other zombies ...

Save the world!

The game is free, but any donation is welcome, and it helps us to continue working in the game.

                                              -Available in Spanish, just like in English!

                                                                         -Disponible en español, y en ingles!


Merry Christmas to all!

To celebrate Christmas as it should be, We are preparing a Christmas event!

This event, is going to be based, in which the protagonist character (John), must save Christmas from the monster of Christmas, The Grinch !

Your duty, mainly, is to visit Frosty, the snowman, he will tell you what to do. Then, you must go to visit Harold, the Christmas guardian. and finally, you need to go with Santa Claus, he will send you to the frozen cities.

In the icy cities, you must fight with enemies, bosses, and others, to go to the Final boss, The Grinch.

You need fight with him, use the skills that we provide, and there, it will be decided if you have saved Christmas or not.

Attention: This event is not free, you must buy it to enjoy it!

However, you can download a free demo, with 3 levels and certain limitations, and then, if you wish, you can buy the event.

This event will be available from December 5 until January 10, so, get ready for this new festive event!

This event is a celebration for the holiday month, December!

Merry Christmas to all, see you on December 5th!


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